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In 2XXX, the Earth in no longer livable. Human beings have found another planet to settle down. By using new technologies, they started "Terra Shifting plans" to create a new Earth. As a Terra Shifter, you're assigned to finish the final shifting plan, while keep providing animal habitats under natural disaster......

The game is a cooperative, puzzle-like game. Players have to take turn moving, flipping or shifting tiles to form designate color area on the Mission Card, and try to form another on the Goal Card. If you finished all 4 Goal Cards, you beat the game, but consumed all Mission Cards before it, you lose.

There're Disaster cards that limit players' movement or hand which you can add in the game to increase difficulty. And another competitive variant for 2~5 players is also included.

  • Age 10+

  • 20–40 Min

  • 1–4 Players

Terra Shifter Reviews
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