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Metal Rail Coins



Hex-Shaped Coins

Celebrate your love for train games and upgrade your train gaming experience with the only hex-shaped metal coins on the market.


Historical Trains

Each denomination commemorates a different historical locomotive from North America, Europe, UK, and Asia.


Kickstarter Exclusive

Moaideas Metal Coin Collections will all be Kickstarter Exclusives to ensure backers get premium quality for a reasonable price.


Moaideas Metal Coin Collections

We at Moideas Game Design are collaborating with local artists and graphic designers to elevate and enhance gaming with premium metal coins. Our goal is to craft professional coins for professional collectors and gamers.

Steel and Steam Collection

The Steel and Steam Collection is a collection of premium customized metal coins for both train and game enthusiasts. The base set will consist of 5 unique trains from North America; however, stretch goals are planned to also include trains from the UK, EU, and even Asia.

Each denomination in the base set is designed with a unique historical train locomotives from North America, including:

  • John Bull 4-2-0, 1831 (Robert Stephenson and Company)

  • Pioneer 4-2-0, 1837 (Baldwin Locomotive Works)

  • The General 4-4-0, 1855 (Rogers, Ketchum & Grosvenor)

  • And more to be announced!

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