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Tulip Bubble [Slim Box Edition]

Tulip Bubble [Slim Box Edition]


Dual language version. English Board included.


Differences in the new version: 

- Slightly slimmer box (depth is decreased, front size is the same)
- All cards are the same 
- All tokens & wood are the same 
- Slight rule change to speed up the game pace 
- Non-folding market board 
- No player screens 


In 1636 the Netherlands was hit by the Tulipmania, which is generally considered the first recorded economic bubble incident in history. People acted irrationally as they became allured by the fantasies of endless profit and extraordinary riches. 


In Tulip Bubble, you are a Dutch merchant in the year 1636. All around you, friends and strangers are enticed by the soaring tulip market. The prices of different colored tulips can fluctuate greatly during a short period of time; a tulip you just bought with most of your money may be worthless next week, or its value might steadily increase throughout the season to be several times your purchase price.


But do remember, every treasured tulip you have on hand is merely a fantasy of future gains until you actually sell it. Will you be yet another hopeless victim of the Tulipmania? Or will you survive the bubble crash with your pockets full of guilders? Experience the rise and fall of the tulip market in the quick and exciting game of Tulip Bubble.

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