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Symphony No.9

Symphony No.9


    The 18th century was the age of music. Numerous gifted musicians composed heavenly music performed in royal courts and theatres all over Europe, which was passed through the ages. But these timeless masterpieces could not be created without the help of their sponsors—rich patrons deeply passionate with the love of music. Our generous support gave musicians the financial freedom to pursue their Muse, provide opportunities to show off their full potential, and let them continue to compose blissful scores for the world.


    In Symphony No.9, you will be one of these patrons that are sponsoring various musicians. Become the most generous supporter to a musician, and in return they will give you ownership to their latest compositions, works that will also change their reputation. But every sheet is inked with the lifeblood of their souls,  and may very well become their last piece of music if pushed too hard.


    When it is time for the Royal Concert, the court will invite musicians to perform according to the popularity ranking of these musicians, and decided by the total money all players have contributed. A successful concert will pay off money for people that have stakes in the invited performers, and the biggest donor will get extra perks. But be careful of your spending! Inadequate funding will earn the wrath of the court, yet an extravagant display of wealth will make the peasants riot!


    Can you become the most prosperous patron during the age of music? Will you work them to their deaths and hold on to their final masterpiece? Or do you have to sell your belongings to provide for their talents? Enjoy showing off your wealth in the musician sponsoring and investment game of Symphony No.9.

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