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Mini Express: Map Expansion Box Set

Mini Express: Map Expansion Box Set

$50.00 Regular Price
$42.00Sale Price

Master the Market, Command the Tracks – Become the Ultimate Railroad Baron!

4 New Maps UK, Taiwan, Japan, and Spain for the cube rail game Mini Express. New landscapes, special rules, mini-expansion modules, and deluxe wooden components for an elegant gaming experience.

Each of the 4 new expansion maps comes with exclusive special rules that force players to sharpen their tactical skills and refine their strategies for success!


For the first expansion box to Mini Express, we have invited Mark Gerrits (Mini Rails, SteamRollers) back for 5 mini-expansion modules that can be used on all 6 maps; Tony Boydell (Snowdonia) for the UK Map; Jay Bernardo (War & Write II) for the Taiwan map; Hisashi Hayashi (Yokohama, Trains) for the Japan map; Christian V. Tunn (Sevilla 1503) for the Spain map. 



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