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Energy Apex

Energy Apex


Manipulate the Energy markets with shifting alliances. 


Dive into Energy Apex, a card-drafting investment game with strong player interaction. Sharpen your investment skills and form alliances with opponents - or go it alone and outsmart them all! 


There is only one action in this game, and that is to draft an investment card. 


Gather your wits and draft from the 8 stacks of investment cards with 8 different colors, indicating the 8 Energy Sectors that they are associated with. 


When a stack runs out, the round concludes and the market board is spun towards that particular sector. You will then get to see how valuable your investments in each industry actually are.

Manipulate the market with your rivals and shift the tides of power, but always remember, only one can surf the waves to become the Apex investor of the Energy markets! 

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