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Braves, Retry!

Braves, Retry!


This version includes cards with English text.


You will be fighting against the dark overlords with the help of different goddesses. Send out your brave heroes on daring missions! 


”I used to be an adventuring Brave, then I took an arrow in the knee.”

Evil Bosses from other planes have conquered the Kingdom of Man…

Courageous warriors and soldiers around the world have all perished in the war…

”My dear Brave, was your knee hit by this Golden Excalibur, or this Silver Kusanagi?”

The 3 Goddesses who watch over the world awakens, and the souls of the Braves are summoned back one by one…

”Um, no… It was just a plain, ordinary arrow…”

The bugle of resistance echoes over the horizon, now it’s your time to save the world again!

”My honest Brave, in the name of the 3 Goddesses, please offer your knees again!”


Players will take turns dispatching their Braves to fight various Bosses by drafting location cards. You may also pray to the 3 Goddesses for special powers to assist you with the battle or hinder other player’s progress. At the end of each round, the player with more Braves in each Battleground gets to pick rewards first from each Boss fight.


The game ends after 5 rounds, then the player with the highest score wins the game.

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