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Blades & Rose

Blades & Rose


Followers of the White Rose risk their lives through the treacherous night. 


Welcome to Blades & Rose, a fast-paced & thrilling social deduction game. To prevail, you must be a master of deception and strategy. Play your cards wisely, as one misstep could mean your demise.
Will you manage to restore the White Rose to power? Or will death be their final fate?


The Resurrection of the White Rose is near. Guided by the Bishop, devotees offer their lives to restore the illustrious Mother to her full strength.

However, those who wield authority through the previous White Rose are not willing to surrender their life and power, leading to the mass slaying of the followers.


The White Rose faction is trying to send enough followers to the underground sanctuary, and the Blood Blade faction is trying to terminate enough of them to prevent the Resurrection. Nevertheless, there is only one embodiment of the White Rose and if she is killed, then the Blood Blades win immediately.

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