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Pirate Rumble is a multiplayer party game with two modes- "Duo mode" and "Camp mode". Players playing the role of legendary pirates from all over the world pass through time and space to Arizona, United States in the late 19th century, competing for the mysterious treasure “ Lost of Dutch”. Each pirate must to compete with other pirates for the treasure even if they might sacrifice their life.

On each turn, all players play 1 card from their hand simultaneously. Then, everyone opens it at the same time and do the gesture according to the card immediately. After that, Count the effect of cards played on this turn.

There are 6 basic cards in the deck of each pirate. You can play "Load" to collect bullets; "Shoot", "Shoot Twice" and "Fire" to deal damage; “Dodge" to defend the damage; "Search" to find special cards which are more powerful than basic cards.

Everyone has to eliminate other pirates until one player survives alone. If only one player (one camp) survives, then the player(the camp) is the winner.

  • Age 7+

  • 15–30 Min

  • 3–8 Players

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