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Life of the Gentry is the Life of the Grand Artisans.

Jiangnan: Life of Gentry  is a worker placement, area control, action tile drafting & bag building board game about life in the Ming Dynasty.

Players are ancient literati artisans searching for inspiration to compose and present great literary works at the capital city of Jinling; however, the aristocracy is fickle.

Will you follow the latest trends, or start them?


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Jiangnan: Life of Gentry (Steam Workshop page) / Rulebook Folder (Google Drive)

Note: All players need to own TTS to play over internet. Local play only require one copy of TTS for all player counts.

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The Artisans and their Muses

The Four Great
Talents of Jiangnan

Players are part of the elite gentry class living in "Jiangnan", the prosperous region to the south of the Qinhuai River.
As part of your education for attending the Imperial Scholar-Official exams, you are highly skilled in literature, calligraphy, brush painting, and the musical & performing arts.

But becoming a bureaucrat is not your cup of tea; you'd rather follow your passion and thrive to compose great works of arts, publishing everlasting classics to be sung and studied for a hundred thousand years.

Can you become the most prestigious artisan in the capital and mark your name in history? Or will you succumb to a desperate dreamer failing to grasp public recognition?
Compose your legacy in Jiangnan: Life of Gentry.





The Eight Elegants
of River Qinhuai

These women were famous Geisha during late Ming to early Qing period living along the Qinhuai River in the capital city of Jinling. As well as possessing great beauty, they were all skilled in literature, poetry, fine arts, dancing, and music.

Elite Geisha challenged the traditional gender stereotypes of Confucian social values. In contrast to most women of the gentry—who were often discouraged from cultivating talent—these women are highly educated, and may even own property and publish literary works of their own. Throughout history, they were commonly subjects of poetry and songs or quoted as their muse of inspiration by literati artisans. 

During the game, you may also pay visits to these creative and knowledgeable women to gain inspiration for your next big release, and perhaps earn enough favor for the privilege of hiring them. Once joining your studio, their ingenious can help you meet the deadlines of regularly releasing new works—as long as you earn enough silver to pay them.

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Slice of Life on the Qinhuai River

The Jiangnan region to the south of the river was historically the most prosperous area in China.

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