In this game, players will be operating their own East India Companies by building their trade posts in the Far East, dealing with exotic spices, silk, tea and china as they manipulate their fleets to create their trading empires!

There are 5 different actions in this game, and players can choose to perform any 2(may be the same) on their turns. The round will continue until all players have passed.
1. Buy Cargo: Send ships to acquire spice, silk, tea or china.
2. Trade Cargo: Exchange cargo A into cargo B according to the market price.
3. Complete Order: Use cargo in your possession to complete orders.
4. Increase Investment Level: Use cargo in your possession to increase your investment level and receive a new ship.
5. Build Trading Post: Use ships to build a trading post and adjust the market prices of cargoes.

  • Age 12+

  • 60-90 Min

  • 2–4 Players

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