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Dare to Love takes place in the Empire Asomrof where homosexuals are oppressed.

During a pogrom known as the Imperial Crystal Night started in the 107th year of the Empire, all homosexuals who were arrested by the Empire were imprisoned in floating crystals and were scheduled for execution later that night.


Therefore, their lovers, families, and friends seek to save their beloved ones from the Empire's tyranny.

There are two opposing forces in the game. One player will be an Oligarch, either the Emperor, Grand Inquisitor, or the Tycoon, who must ensure the execution goes smoothly; other players will be Rebels, who must fight against all odds and save their loved ones before they are executed.

In Dare to Love, one player takes the role of a mighty Oligarch to fight against Rebels played by two or three players. The Rebels’ goal is to rescue their loved ones who are imprisoned in Crystal prisons, whereas the Oligarch has powerful abilities to annihilate the Rebels.

  • Age 15+

  • 40–60 Min

  • 3–4 Players

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